Addendum to the previous

by Anonymous

I neglected to mention, and I really should have, that the drugs commonly used in sexual assaults are odorless and tasteless. Teetotalers and designated drivers should still exercise the same precautions. Don’t assume just because you are not imbibing that you can let your guard down. Water can be drugged just as easily as any beer or cocktail.

It seems almost silly that something as simple as keeping your hand over your drink while you’re not drinking from it can potentially save you a world of headache. It really shouldn’t be necessary. Anyone should be free to go out and have a good time, to enjoy a drink or three at a bar, alone or in a group, without worrying about some nefarious jerkwad with villainous intentions putting something in their glass.  If nothing else, I hope that what happened to me can serve as a warning to other people and potentially prevent anyone else from undergoing the severe inconvenience I’m currently experiencing.